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Jere Jay is known as an exceptional, innovative explorationist with an ability to develop opportunities, through the application of his creative geoscience expertise supplemented by advancements in technology applied to previous activity. Over the past 20 years, initially with Tenneco and then ARCO, he has worked on, and managed, an impressive variety of domestic and international projects ranging from exploration in geographic frontiers to geological engineering analysis of untapped reserves in existing fields.

He brings strong practical knowledge of the energy business to exploration and development projects and has registered numerous commercial successes, particularly in the Eel River Basin, Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins of California, in the offshore Gulf Coast and in Qatar. Following the ARCO – BP merger in 2000, he established the Geoscience and Energy Research Labs, known as the ‘Incubator’, to assist with the development and ultimate success of start-up energy businesses, which included his majority owned INNEX Energy.

Jay developed and leads an AAPG field school “Outcropping Oilfields – From Seeps to the Subsurface”, which includes analogues for acquisition, development and prospecting. He received an MS in Geology from Oregon State University and a BA in Zoology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.