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INNEX Energy is focused on making assets out of ideas. We have been responsible for projects and new, discovered reserves in domestic and international basins ranging from frontier exploration to development applications. We offer effective and efficient data integration focused on documenting the bottom line potential for economic investments.

Energy companies are increasingly relying on the assistance, expertise and work force of independent companies and contractors to perform crucial business needs. INNEX personnel are known for our creative and innovative work developing new prospects and project out of old data and concepts. INNEX Energy can be an integral part of your exploration and development.

       Our Strengths

  • Data mining: defining new potential in old areas.
  • Exploration and exploitation project development and management.
  • International economics and portfolio assessment
  • Geochemistry, oil and gas seeps and integrations of outcrops to subsurface
  • Heavy oil projects in Domestic U.S. and International projects