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Missed pay opportunities range from single well opportunities recompletions to multibillion barrel developments waiting to be exploited. INNEX staff has a history of defining, drilling, and booking reserves in "missed pay" projects in domestic and international basins. Defining major missed pay reserves is a specialty skill for reviewing and reinterpreting historic data.

Our Kettleman - Westside projects range from behind pipe hydrocarbons to defined potential for giant accumulations at shallow depths. Our Kettleman Middle Dome anticline consists of multiple reservoirs with proven and cored oil and gas pays ready for production.

Our Grizzly assets produce natural gas in NW California from multiple trapped sands in accumulations that were discovered, delineated, and tested but never produced. At times, getting a pipeline constructed is the key to booking and developing significant missed pay reserves. Additional "fields" are defined and ready for exploitation.

INNEX has extensive backgrounds in domestic projects focused in California, offshore and onshore Gulf Coast, and Alaska. International projects include extensive work in Turkey and the Black Sea, the Caspian and Sakhalin Island basins of Russia, and multiple Middle East projects.