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Sample Course
Outcropping Oil Fields- From Seeps to the Subsurface©
Analogues for Acquisition, Development, and Prospecting

Participants spend the seminar "exploring " for "Billion Barrel" oil fields during a week of field trips and project exercises. Lease sales and prospect evaluation exercises encourage the participants to apply the analogues to existing opportunities including fields purchase, license acquisition, and prospect generation.

This trip offers a rare opportunity to tie outcropping oil fields to subsurface production and to tie outcrop facies directly to well logs. This unique venue allows the group to discuss topics as diverse as seeps, basin analysis, and source rock modeling to reservoir engineering for secondary and tertiary recovery.

The class is designed for multidisciplinary teams and experienced individuals from all areas of petroleum exploration, development, or production. The trips and exercises are designed to serve as an exceptional teambuilding opportunity for newly formed or existing project groups.

Contact: Jere Jay