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Heiko Mueller is known as an innovative earth scientist and manager, who has found oil and gas, specifically in Utah, Ecuador and Turkey, both through his individual contributions and as a manager of exploration groups. With 35years of experience in hydrocarbon exploration in most basins in the world with Shell, ARCO, and consulting, Mueller is an expert in prospect generation, 2D-3D seismic interpretation, integrating G&G data, and seismic depth conversion. He is well-versed in AVO, bright spot technology, seismic acquisition, and seismic processing.

Mueller obtained an MBA early in his career and consequently he has been able to look past the available data and generate viable prospects that became economic ventures. He retired in 1994 from ARCO, consulted for a few years, and co-founded INNEX in 2000. He is responsible for all geophysical activity and performs economic evaluation for INNEX using his industry experience and business education. He is fluent in German and speaks a little Spanish. Mueller received his BSEE from CSCLA and his MBA from CSUN.