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Stan Pittman is a proven leader in domestic oil and gas exploration and geoscience education. He has over forty years experience in all phases of exploration, including 33 years working for Hunt Oil Company. In his exploration manager role at Hunt he was responsible for all geoscience evaluation and lease negotiations in the drilling of over 70 wells located in Texas, the Oklahoma Panhandle, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Nevada. This activity resulted in 11 discoveries and added significant production to Hunt Oil.
In addition Pittman has explored offshore the East Coast, as well as the Pearl River Basin, Offshore China. He is very knowledgeable about Data Base Management Systems for the energy industry and developed and promoted proprietary software, ‘EDM:/PC’ for over a decade as President of Petroleum Logistics Corporation.

He has been very active in the Dallas Geologic Society and AAPG and was instrumental in the creation of The Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute at Brookhaven College in 1997, where he still serves on the Board. Pittman provides us with advice that only can be gained through years of experience.